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Cal Java Current Offerings: 10/2017


Colombian Supremo
Costa Rica SHB
Kenya AA
Kona 100%
Java Estate

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (fair trade)
Guatemala (fair trade)
Timor (fair trade)
Peru (fair trade)


Flavored Coffee:

*available in regular & decaf
Vanilla Nut w/ Almond
French Caramel
Morning Buzz

Decaf Coffee:

Decaf Amazon (fair trade)
Decaf House Blend
Decaf French Roast

Decaf Peru

Decaf Moka Java


Beatnik’s Blend
Blue Moon
Brooketrout Blend
French Roast
House Blend
Italian Roast
Kona Blend
Moka Java
Bidwell Pres
Fair Trade Blend

Single Origin

Colombian Supremo
A delicious cup of coffee. Sweet & light

Costa Rica SHB
This bean is prized for its bright, fruity flavor

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
A full-bodied African coffee with a distinct floral flavor

A smooth, nutty flavor that is great with breakfast

Java Estate
A velvety, rich full-city brew. A clean, balanced flavor.

Kenya AA
These hand selected beans create a cup with sweet, citrus accents

Bright & crisp with a nutty aroma. A lively medium-body brew

A balanced cup of savory sweetness with a bright, herbal note

Sumatra Mandheling
This is a rustic, earthy cup with strong unique flavors

A light roast with sweet hints of raisin, brown sugar & vanilla


House Blend
A rich, full flavor and our signature favorite since 1989

Brooketrout Blend
A play on words named after our first daughter. It’s a light blend that will keep you energized all day if you didn’t sleep last night…

Beatnik Blend
A rich dark roast created for our sister store, Beatniks Breakfast House

Our Espresso blend is the perfect balance to enhance drinks or sip on its own…if we do say so ourselves.

French Roast
A traditional dark roast that will awaken all your senses

Holiday Blend
A perfect gift for the Season of Giving. Our Holiday blend is a full-bodied coffee with a hint of espresso. Ask for our green & red foil bags! 

Italian Roast
Dark & Rich. Let the smoky flavor transport you…

Kona Blend
A delicate cup with floral flavors & sweet accents

Moka Java
One of the world’s oldest blends. The strong flavor of Ethiopian Moka is balanced by Java’s deep body

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